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Renewed Faith

I’ve waited for a few days before writing comments so as to let the emotions settle

and the real outcome to come forth. I have been through much counseling and inner healing

over the course of my 57 years. I really didn’t know what to expect, nor did I sense any

pressing problems. I had heard about Sozo ministry and felt drawn to it and very curious.

To go through a Sozo session is to be taken into the very throne room of God and to be

counseled by Him directly. He almost immediately began to gently deal with subtle lies that had

slipped in over the past couple of years. I had believed a lie and had allowed disappointment

and frustration to take up residence. The Lord gently uprooted the lie, shook off the dirt, and realigned my

thinking. This experience gave me the revelation of the tool of declaration to speak His reality over my situation. God renewed my faith and restored my hope in a tangible way through what I

consider a supernatural experience. God then put His signature on the whole experience so

that I wouldn’t later doubt what had just happened. I hope everyone I know can undergo

a Sozo healing session with the Lord! ~ Susan

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